Set mine up yesterday, its better than I could have imagined, sooooooo heavenly! My personal sky heaven is now complete!
— Sarah Lukes
I LOVE MY RAINBOW DREAM CLOUD! I can’t wait to put my inside outside room together and hang this bad boy right in the centre!
— Jake Ingalls, The Flaming Lips, Spaceface
My 2 year old niece had never slept her nights and my sister in law was at her wits end so for christmas, when Lila was a year and half, I took my dream cloud down from my ceiling, wrapped it up and gave it to the little munchkin in hopes it might help. SHE LOVED IT! And Chloe was ecstatic- Lila has slept her nights ever since!!!!
— Holly O'Brien, Producer, Toronto
Your marvelous cloud arrived!! I am completely in awe, honestly it is a thousand times more amazing viewing it in person!! It’s honestly perfect. I love how substantial it is, and how durable it feels. It emits the most perfect lighting.
— Fay of Unusual Optical Designs, Chicago
I couldn’t adore my Rainbow Dream Cloud more! As someone who is pretty much obsessed with mood lighting, this beauty fulfills all of my rainbow dreams.
— Devany of Serpentfire, Montreal
Back in Tampa I’m hard chill in’ with my new Rainbow Dream Cloud that I brought home from Canada. I’m lovin’ it.
— Mikey S, Florida
Every bébé has gotta have one!!
— Laurie S, Montreal
My little girl couldn’t believe her eyes, she said: ‘Oh my GOSH!’ with every colour change.
— Angela, Calgary
Honestly, she has never slept better, it’s made putting her down so much easier, I read her a little story and the cloud puts her to sleep! Thank you RDC!
— Linda, NYC
We received a Rainbow Dream Cloud as a gift for the baby, now, when he sleeps through the night, I miss the soft cloud glow! I think I need one for above my bed!!
— Allison, Florida
Ugh it’s perfect
— Meghan, Winnipeg
My nieces are OBSESSED
— Isobel, Montreal
My office lights are the coolest
— Phil Malizia
Thanks Rainbow Dream Cloud!!! :) I Love my cloud so much!! Can’t wait to hang it above my bed!
— Naomi, Montreal