Application Notes

1. Indoor use only.
2. Attach to ceiling or wall with hook and secure cord to wall with cord fasteners out of reach of children and animals.

3. The Rainbow Dream Cloud must be in clear sight for the remote to function.
4. One year limited warranty.




Regularly check the cord, the remote and all other parts for damage. If any part is damaged the product should not be used.

The light source of this product is composed of non-changeable light diodes (LED). Do not disassemble the product, as the light diodes can cause damage to the eyes.
Do not immerse in water.

TO PREVENT ELECTRICAL SHOCK, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, FULLY INSERT. This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, do not use, or contact a qualified electrician. Only use with an extension cord, which supports 120V, and, only if plug can be FULLY INSERTED. Do not attempt to defeat the safety purpose of the polarized attachment plug. Do not alter the plug. Any tampering or misuse of any component of the Rainbow Dream Cloud or part thereof, will void the Vendor, designer, and manufacturer of any responsibility or liability for any damages, injury or loss, caused by the device, except as prohibited by law. 

This product is NOT A TOY. This product is not intended for children under 3 years old due to the content of electrical components. We recommend that only adults should handle the remote and that children should only use the lamp under adult supervision. Regularly examine lamp and plug for damage. If any part of the lamp is damaged, do not use.  


Strangulation hazard. Hang out of reach from a standing child.

NEVER place cord within reach of the child in a crib, playpen or toddler bed. ALWAYS secure cord to wall. Check regularly that the cord is securely fastened.

Secure the cord to the wall using the cord fasteners provided. Pull the cord to remove any slack between cord and fasteners. Tie up any remaining slack cord between fastener and socket.



Lamp Light Color: RGB

Watts: 24 W Residential Grade

LED Voltage: 12VDC

CCT: 13,000K

Average Rated Life (hrs): 10,000



One CR2025 Lithium Battery Required (Included) This product contains a button battery.

If swallowed, it could cause severe injury or death in just 2 hours. Seek medical attention immediately.

Always purchase the correct size and grade of battery most suitable for the intended use.

Insure that the batteries are installed correctly with regard to polarity. Remove used batteries promptly and dispose of them in accordance with local and state and federal regulations.